Conditions of acceptance


Preparation work and cleaning

End-of-life PVC-P, EVA/PVC, PIB and PE-C roofing membranes should be supplied in a cleaned state and should not contain remaining particles of glue or bitumen.

Please indicate the material on registration!


Fleece-backed and adhered membranes

Fleece-backed and adhered roofing membranes composed of PVC-P, EVA/PVC and CE-P can also be collected.

They must be registered separately.


Measuring and cutting

The membranes must be cutted into metre-wide strips and rolled up.

To reduce the transport volume please roll up the membranes as tightly as possible!



a. Big Bags
The membranes are collected in big bags which are syntetic plastic bags with a maximum capacity of 300 bis 400 m² of old roofing membranes and a possible total weight of 1000 kg. To aid filling the big bas, a big bag rack can be made available. A deposit of € 145 will be invoiced for the provision of the big bag rack but will be repaid.

b. Container
For big construction sites we propose containers. Please contact INTERSEROH or ROOFCOLLECT.

Conditions of acceptance



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