A Second Life for Thermoplastic Roofing Membranes

PVC roofing and waterproofing membranes are used for sealing flat roofs and buildings. Due to their excellent material properties and their resistance to environmental aggression of all kinds, these membranes have a service life of twenty years and more. With their Voluntary Commitment to recycle end-of-life PVC roofing and waterproofing membranes ESWA (European Singly Ply Waterproofing Association) members continue to follow a sustainable development strategy for their products.

Leading manufacturers of PVC roofing membranes, today members of ESWA, joined forces in 1992 to collectively organize the recycling of PVC roofing membranes. For three years the manufacturers organized within ESWA worked on a common recycling system which started in Germany under the name ROOFCOLLECT in 2004 and has been extended to the most important European markets.

Roofing membranes that have been sold in the past thirty years were mainly made of PVC or PVC containing raw materials. Recycling of the material makes sense if the old materials are separated, in a clean state and available in high quantities.

With the cooperation started in December 2004, ROOFCOLLECT® and the company fair ground Kunststoffmatten in Kodersdorf/Dresden offer new possibilities for recycling. fair ground Kunststoffmatten is a special example for the possibility to recycle thermoplastic membranes completely. The old membranes are delivered in big bags or containers directly from the roofs and then shredded.

One injection moulding machine with a special mould heats the recycled material to approximately 180 degrees and under high pressure the material is pressed into the desired form for floor covering. The recycling process is followed by the production of plastic floorings which are mainly used on horse riding courts, turfs and to cover flooring in riding halls. Floor coverings from recycled material are also more and more used in stables for cows and pigs.

Floor coverings made of thermoplastic material improve the hygiene in stables and increase the feeling of well-being of the animals.

In 2005 the company expects a demand of approx. 14,000 tonnes of new products from recycled plastics material in both fields and plans to increase production capacities in Kodersdorf.

Plastic floorings ...

... protect equine joints

Preparation of horse riding courts with plastic sheets allows to organize tournaments under all weather.


FG Kunststoffmatten GmbH
FG Kunststoff-matten GmbH